Home Massage Face Pillow & Headrest

Home Massage Face Pillow & Headrest

Home Massage Face Pillow & Headrest

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Don't know where to put your head while getting a massage?

Forget about this discomfort and relax fully with the Home Massage Face Pillow & Headrest. Placing this innovative kit under the mattress transforms any bed into a professional massage therapy surface, featuring an adjustable headrest, face pillow cradle, and cushion support bracket, all designed for maximum comfortIt is compact, lightweight, and easily folds up for hassle-free storage. It even comes with a sleek black nylon bag for added convenience.

Whether you're lying face up or face down, our kit is designed to effectively support your face, head, and neck for a comfortable and luxurious experience. Enjoy a quality and relaxing massage at your own home without the need for heavy and cumbersome equipment.

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